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Refresh your Grass with new Turf

Turfing Services in Tayside and Fife

There is nothing more satisfying than a newly laid lawn.  Whether that be Artificial or real turf.  t's an instant transformation to any garden or space.  And when your job is done by a professional, you'll enjoy the long-lasting results and thriving lawn.

  • We cater for various types of turves depending garden needs
  • All our Turf is fresh, long-lasting results.
  • Reduced ground pollution and improved quality of air
  • Complete hassle-free service - from delivery to installation

Our Process 

  • Site Survey conducted - We would come to your Home and advise you the best solution for you. 
  • Site Cleared - We would clear the surface from Weeds, old stones, the old turf. We need to prepare the area for laying the turf. This might also include remove any decking, slabs or pavers.
  • Levelling - We would level and prepare the ground.  We will add or remove any soil that is required in order to prepare the ground ready for installing your turf.
  • Add top soil - Once the ground is prepared and levelled,  we will add a layer of topsoil, to ensure the roots are established.
  • Turf Laying - Now comes the fun part.  We will lay the turf in rolls, without gaps to get a uniform look across your back garden.  We say this is the fun part as this when you can start to see the garden come together.
  • Lawn Edging - At this stage we would start to form the edges using either flowers, beds, rockeries or patio.  We will discuss how we will achieve the look that you're looking for.

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